So here’s our new Blotter Magazine Blog! – loud cheers.  I’d set this up a couple months ago, then forgot about it, as I was waiting for my husband, The Blotter‘s Computer Genius Laureate, to add some bells and whistles.  However, to my sometimes frustration, Geniuses (or is the plural Genii?) don’t always do things as soon as you want them to.  Then I got a note from our Editor, Garry (“Able to Leap Tall Manuscripts in a Single Bound!”) S., to the effect that we now have a Follower, and therefore should post some Content for said Follower to Follow.  (I don’t know who the Follower is; their picture is of a cute little Benji-style dog.)

Anyway, we’ll herein post stuff from all of us Blotter Mag staffers.  You too, Gentle Readers, are welcome to post:  reviews, comments, suggestions, dessert recipes inspired by this month’s poetry, etc.  Of course, we’ll screen them of anything needlessly nasty or naughty.

— Marty (“Sanity is Overrated”) S., Publisher-at-Large

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