Freddie For A Day!

Freddie For A Day!

The Blotter had an AMAZING time last night at “Freddie For A Day.” What an all-star cast! Roberto Cofresi, in leather shorty-shorts (see above) and of course Diane Koistinen and the rest of the New Town Drunks; Jon Shain, just returned from his European tour, playing with JC Clark and Mark Simonsen; two generations of Coles – Stu and Caleb; Barbara Barnes, sketching like crazy; Sonar Strange, Jody Kidney, Billy Sugarfix, John Pardue, Daniel Snyder, Pete Pawsey (quite fetching in a little black cocktail dress), Nathan Logan (even more fetching in a full-body leotard); Brandon Herndon and Michelle, Josh Sokal, Katherine Simonsen; and Bears In The City, who all look like they were barely even born when Freddie Mercury was still with us, totally nailing “Somebody To Love.” A major highlight of our social calendar!


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