We were overwhelmed by the huge amounts of people and music.  Highlights:  HONEYCHILE, who claimed it was their last show (an assertion we find absurd.  If lead singer Skinny Vinnie can fly his skinny sits-bone back from his new home in Psychedelic Psan FranPsisco for the Festival, he can surely do so for future appearances.)  KITTYBOX AND THE JOHNNYS, where we heard the best line of the night:  Taz Halloween, commenting on her pre-Marty-Johnson habit of acquiring unsuitable boyfriends, “I have excellent aim when it comes to my foot.”  GASOLINE STOVE; and FANTASTICO, where we developed the theory that in an alternative life, Stu Cole would be an Evangelist a la Elmer Gantry.

And if that wasn’t enough, wandering over to the Cave for a little quiet time afterwards, we stumbled upon and were delighted by LITTLE MAKER, out of New Orleans.  http://www.micahmckeelittlemaker.com/

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