Some poems, conveyed to us by our friend Thaddeus the Chef, up in Athens, Ohio.

LOVE by Sarina Winner and David Dewey

If love was a flower, it would be a Hibiscus. Real love is big enough to see; it stands above the others. You can’t miss love because it’s bigger than all the other flowers in the garden, and smells good like a rose, which, like love, I give to my lady.

If love was an activity it would be a ride on a hot air balloon because we’d be Free from our wheelchairs, We’d be high enough to see rainbows in the sky. We could look down on the Earth at villages and houses where men and women make dinner together like steak, lobster and crab, the food of love.

If love was an activity, it would be a picnic on a warm, sunny day at the park, surrounded by trees and a bubbling Brook where we could eat a romantic lasagna sandwich.

If love was a vehicle it would be an airplane built for two where my love and I would fly all over the world and land on a beach in Florida. Maybe we’d have a picnic on that beach where we could eat our lasagna sandwich or strawberries, watermelon and popsicles.

MY FATE by Pete Wuscher

What will happen?

When it happens?

Will I crumple

As a piece of wadded paper?

An unsatisfying lyric

Old misdirected poem

Tossed into canister

Leaping with a soft arc

And settling into eggshells

Simply to lay there

Absorbing pork fat?

Or cast into fire?

Flying at first

A bright ball of forgotten thought

Landing between two lit sticks

Blackening for a moment

Then consumed in a upward blaze…

Of my soul?

Or more like a dry leaf?

Still on branch

A little curving of the spine

Curling in at the edges

Dried and shivering

At last, detaching from the tree



In floating pendulum descent

To the ground


Sarina Winner / David Dewey / Pete Wuscher Passion Works Studio & Creative Foundations, Athens, Ohio

Sarina loves to use a variety of colors but her favorite is pink! Her hands dance across the canvas as she shares her story in every painting. She has an incredible story that she is currently writing in her very own autobiography. She is a dedicated artist and one of the kindest souls you will ever come across.

David Dewey is one of the original artists who helped start the studio. He his best known for his iconic designs such as the Howling Wolf and Grumpy Fish. David has a sincere and honest way of interacting with people. He has inspired many artists for the past 20 years. He is dedicated to his wife Sarina and his art.

Pete Wuscher has lived in the Athens area since 1981 and is very active in the local community, mental health recovery and the arts. Pete is currently working on a project that converts unwanted recyclables into works of art.

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